About Us

Unashamed Marriage starts from the very beginning. In the book of Genesis, it iHappyCouples recorded that the man and the woman were both naked and not ashamed. They were able to be completely transparent with one another – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and had nothing to be ashamed of.  That was the original plan for marriage and still the ideal today. Just imagine what it would be like to be completely open with your spouse – about anything and everything – and have no fear.

To help quantify a successful marriage, we have related each letter in UNASHAMED to a key aspect of a marriage where a husband and wife have become completely transparent with each other:  Understanding, Naked, Affection, Spirituality, Health, Appreciation, Memories, Economy, and Destiny.

These are not just ideas, but real aspects of real marriage. For us, as we learned to understand one another, fully embrace the gift of sex, keep focusing on affection, nurture our spiritual lives, take our health seriously, show  enthusiastic appreciation, make lasting memories, have a financial plan, and to develop a process of vision and growth for our relationship, our marriage was transformed from mediocre to awesome!

We invite you to take a look join us in learning and living out a marriage that is as close to paradise as possible – an Unashamed Marriage.



Karl & Sharon Leukert

Founders of Unashamed Marriage