Your Health and Your Sex – Part 6

Does having sex help fight breast cancer? To reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis, what should you add to your calcium? Read on in Your Health and Your Sex, Part 6 to find the answer to these questions and find out more awesome information that will encourage you in your marriage. (You can read previous posts in this series. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.)

1) Walking, jogging, Zumba, treadmill, swimming, etc. = better sex! Most people know that they need to exercise more, but few actually make it a high priority. That decision, though, has some implications for knock-your-socks-off horizontal aerobics. According to a study from the University of Arkansas Program of Health Sciences, your fitness routines increase sexual drive, sexual activity, and sexual satisfaction. Get up out of the recliner and off of the couch and get moving. As your physical fitness increases, your sex life will enjoy the results. Follow THIS LINK to a  great resource of specific exercises that will boost your sex life.

2) Breast cancer is one of the most dreaded health crisis a woman can face. Some well-known women have actually had prophylactic mastectomies just because they had an increased risk due to their ID-10085906_EDITgenetics. A little-known (or at least not widely publicized) scientific study was published in Oncology in 1978 that showed one method of breast cancer reduction that would result in a lowering of the likelihood of breast cancer of “not less than 50% in married women in the population.” This preventative method is the one that God created from the beginning – repeated vaginal exposure to semen in early reproductive years. In other words, marry a bit younger and don’t use condoms or other barrier methods of birth-control that block the semen from being absorbed into the wife’s vagina.

3) One of the health concerns that people have as they age is deterioration of their bone density – osteoporosis. There are many ways to avoid this dangerous condition, including adequate calcium, vitamin D, and exercise. According to a study published in Joint, Bone, Spine out of France, oxytocin is one of the keys to keeping bones strong as one ages. The more oxytocin in the bloodstream the better. The great news is that it is easy to get more of this wonder chemical flowing through your veins. Hugging, holding hands, cuddling, smiling at each other, looking into each others eyes, massage, and more, all increase oxytocin. The highest levels, though, are after sexual intercourse/orgasm. Make sure you get plenty of calcium, but add regular doses of sex as well.

4) A major part of overall health – and thus with an impact on the quality of your sex life – is what you eat. Numerous studies have shown that Americans especially are not making the best choices when it comes to our menus. What impact does our diet have in regards to our sex lives? According to an article at, a plant-strong diet is a great enhancement. It helps clear your arteries so your blood flows freely – something vital to the best sexual pleasure. Increasing plant-based foods in your diet also helps with weight-loss and control. There is much evidence that obesity has a very detrimental effect on quality of sex. There is even evidence that a plant-strong diet improves body odor and what spouse does not appreciate that during times of intimacy. Check out this link for ways to add more fruits and veggies into your diet.

Your Health and Your Sex – Part 5

by Karl Leukert

When God created Adam and Eve, He designed them perfect, including their amazingly complex sexual interactions. This series has been exploring the research that reveals more of the benefits He designed for all couples. This is the fifth part of this series on Your Health and Your Sex. You can read previous parts here: PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR.

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1) A recent Google search of the term “sleep deprivation effects” yielded nearly 1,280,000 results. It seems that nearly every week a fresh news story comes out about the damage we Americans are inflicting on ourselves by our lack of adequate sleep. It turns out, there is one more bit of damage to add to the list, and hopefully this one will cause some additional sleep when the other study results have not. In an article published in 2015 in the Journal of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, sleep has a direct correlation to sexual likelihood as well as enjoyment. Now, we need to hasten to add that the study done was using college age females. However, the results are significant – a one-hour increase in sleep resulted in better genital arousal the next day and a 14% greater likelihood “of engaging in partnered sexual activity.” Considering other studies that show that healthy marriages already have a greater frequency of sex and report a more satisfying sex life than single college girls, the one extra hour could have an even greater benefit for them. Husbands, do all you can to help this happen! Help with the household chores. Take burdens off your wife and make sure she gets her sleep.

2) For most wives, when they get pregnant, it is happiest time(s) of their lives (except for the morning sickness, clothes not fitting right, false labor, REAL LABOR!!!!!) Well, you understand. But, for a small percentage – 3%-5% – it can be life threatening due to a condition called pre-eclampsia. Symptoms include increased blood pressure and protein in the urine and, in some cases, can cause seizures and death. We thank God that He planned ahead for this problem. According to Danish research, frequent sex with the father of the child before conception (as typically happens in marriage) greatly reduces the possibility that the mother will develop this condition. This is due to the HLA-G protein that is present in the father’s sperm. The pre-eclampsia condition is an immune response to what the mother’s body thinks is a foreign body – the baby. If she has had repeated exposure to his sperm, her immune system recognizes similarities in the HLA-G and the baby and will not react the same. There is also some anecdotal evidence that the most beneficial introduction of the sperm is through oral ingestion.

3) We met while we were in college – Sharon a Journalism major and Karl studying Broadcasting. One of the things that attracted Sharon to me (yep, Karl is writing this), was that during Intro to Speech class I did not stay behind the lectern but stood beside it and moved around the platform when I spoke. She said she liked my confidence. Actually, neither one of us has ever been shy to be up front, but we know that some people are. One of the tricks 471-AncientPoetry3_zps785553a0that has been used for people who experience stage fright is to tell them to imagine everyone in their underwear. To me that would be scarier than I can imagine. It turns out that according to research published back in 2005 by Biologic Psychology, the best thing would be to have a great roll in the hay with your spouse before you have to speak. Scientists studied the effects on blood pressure during stressful situations after three activities – masturbation, partnered sexual activity with no penile vaginal intercourse (PVI), and PVI. Discounting all other factors, the couples who reported regular PVI and not other sexual activity showed significantly lower blood pressure reactivity. Have more sex – lower your blood pressure. That’s a great prescription!


Unashamed Health

by Karl Leukert

I admit it. I was a wimp. I made my wife take a day off of work. That’s what it took for her to get me to go to the doctor and see about some of the health issues I was dealing with. I had been struggling with extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and weight gain. This didn’t happen suddenly, but slowly, over many years. Of course, the dreaded blood test came. I HATE NEEDLES! I know my limitations and over the years lab techs have started to know to make things as easy as possible for me. They make me stay sitting until I’m no longer pale, sometimes sipping a soda.

What happened that day was that I learned I have a severely underactive thyroid. Once I began taking the proper medication, I was climbing up stairs again as if it was nothing and my outlook on life took a huge jump up. I just didn’t realize how bad things had gotten, until I saw how great things were getting once I found out what the problem was and got treatment.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause

My health was so important to Sharon that she was willing to use a vacation day just to be there for me, showing me how much she appreciated what I was doing for her and for our (at the time) one and only child. Knowing I was taking care of my health in order to be sure to be around for a long time was better than any life insurance policy I could have purchased. I was investing in our marriage because I was investing in my health.

One aspect of an Unashamed Marriage is the area of health. There are sometimes that things just happen that are not expected. Emergencies arise and we deal with those. But far too often, we bring the emergencies on ourselves (and thus our spouses) through our choices. Like my thyroid issues, they usually get worse and worse over time. This is not just physically. Be unashamed:  eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, learn how to build healthy boundaries in your life, get counseling if needed, etc.

Is peace of mind the only benefit this Unashamed Marriage key has to offer? Hardly. Focusing on health pays off in the bedroom too!

What one thing will you do this week to improve an aspect of your health?

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