Can’t Buy Me Love

by Sharon Leukert

Most of us have heard this at least once in our lives: you can’t buy love. While this is true, you can plan for (think invest) in peace of mind. But what does this have to do with marriage? Let me break it down for you.

Some husbands express their love for their wives in purchasing them gifts. From flowers and cards to yachts and jewels, nothing expresses their love better than a gift. But if the wife senses that the $350 all day spa package you snagged on a good deal for her will get in the way of making the car payment – she’s not going to be 100% happy about the spa package.

Wives love security. They usually like the gifts too, but they first want to make sure that all bills will get paid and there will be food on the table. Budget is a word that strikes fear into many hearts, but when spouses communicate and work together in the area of economy in their marriage – it strengthens their bond.

Putting it in the most basic cause and effect: a wife that is always nervous about the mortgage payment is a distracted lover at best.