Top 10 Ways to Care for the 21st Century Wife

by Nicholas Miller (guest post)

Our friend, Nicholas Miller, came up with this list. We thought it was good and asked him if we could re-post it. He graciously agreed.


10. Remember to put the top back on the toothpaste, put the toilet seat down, and leave at least one cell-phone charger free in the bedroom.

9. Listen, listen, listen, and only then, text your response.

8. Be the first to say “I’m sorry,” and avoid the temptation to add “lol,” and especially not “rofl.”

7. Don’t forget to help with the dishes (cause it’s a prime time to watch basketball on the iPad)

6. Take out the trash, change the light bulbs, and defrag her hard drive. For some reason, these are all man jobs.

5. Use a male voice on your GPS, so she can still be the only woman telling you where to go.

4. Keep an extra computer power cord in your briefcase so when she “borrows” your regular one you can more easily be sweet, gracious, and forgiving.

3. Just be there for her, and don’t try to solve her problems—even if you think of a really cool Google search that could do so.

2. Remember, if when she is talking, and you take at least one ear-bud out and one eye off the screen, you MAY get half your dinner.

1. Just remember that emoticons are no substitutes for real emotions, and that hugging her and telling her you love her beats xoxoxoxox, bff, lolo every time.


Here’s the link to the list as he posted it on Facebook.


Safety First!

by Sharon Leukert

One of the things I (Sharon) have enjoyed doing in my lifetime is being a safety compliance assistant for a small general contractor outfit. There’s nothing like starting your day at 7:00 AM telling a bunch of guys how to be safe as they go about their work day. The guys on the other hand, more often than not, were less concerned about the minutia of details on how to do their job safely. They just wanted to get the job done! They had years of experience and figured they knew how to do what they did without getting hurt, so the rules handed down by OSHA and other organizations just seemed to get in the way. Sometimes, though, I was able to teach them things that were new and beneficial. For instance, they didn’t know that OSHA has a heat app for their smartphones. Now they could get a warning on what the heat index was and know how many breaks to take in the shade and how much water to drink to keep from getting heat stroke on the job.

As I’ve been thinking back on that time I find that there are similarities between safety compliance on the job and the intricacies of women, men, and sex. Husbands who have learned well realize that the key is – you guessed it – Safety First! So exactly what does that look like? Here are three easy ways to practice Safety First and get the job done.

1. Make sure your lovemaking is sex_nach_der_geburt_sh_92296813private and protected. You may get really turned on by a romp in the park, but she wants to be for your eyes only, not on public display. Sex outside can be exhilarating, but take the time to find a safe and private place! Rent a bungalow for a weekend with a lush garden style back yard and a privacy fence. She’ll feel safe and you’ll get the job done.

2. Let her know that her hopes, dreams, thoughts and feelings are safe with you. Here’s where it really hits. If your wife doesn’t feel safe to share her feelings with you, she’s going to start holding back. When she starts holding back feelings, she also starts holding back in bed. You may hate chick flicks, and even worse getting stuck watching them, but they’re important to her. So take turns. This weekend a testosterone filled guy movie as well as a good round of NASCAR, and next week a chick flick and a Hallmark special. When she feels safe to share her hopes for the future, without being laughed at or told it will never happen, she also feels safe to share everything she has in sexual intimacy. Let her know she is safe to be exactly who she is with you.

3. Reassure her with your wallet. We’re not necessarily talking about gifts and flowers delivered to her every week (although it’s not a bad idea either), but a dinner where you present your bride with an envelope showing you’ve taken care of the future – life insurance policies. If you handle the taxes every year, make sure she knows that it is all taken care of and she doesn’t have to worry about last minute trips to the post office on April 15th. Spend the money to have a professional do a job that really matters to her. Yes, you can play plumber on the weekend, because it may indeed take you all weekend to install that new faucet. You may get it done, but she’ll be without a fully functioning kitchen all weekend. Let her know that her convenience is worth the price of hiring a professional and getting that faucet replaced sooner. You want her jumping up and down and thanking you for arranging for it all. That’s a much better option than her complaining about how you took her kitchen away all weekend.

Yes, it takes a little time to and effort to insure safety first, but it’s worth it if it helps you get the job done!