Sex Makes You Stupid?

by Sharon Leukert

Do you believe that? Do you believe that sex makes you stupid? Well, it depends on which side you’re looking at it from. If you’re single and making the circuits then yes, sex makes you stupid. Hear me out, I’m not downing single people here. Love them. Not making a moral judgment here about sex before marriage, although I could, but it’s a simple physiological reality. Sex blinds you to the faults of your partner. Proven fact. This is why single without commitment (think wedding vows) ends up in a lot of broken hearts. Girls are giving it all to a guy thinking he’s the one and they can’t see what a jerk he is because sex covers up faults.

Looking at it from the side of a passionate unashamed marriage, sex is the glue that helps keep you together. Why? Because it does what God intended it to – minimize your spouse’s faults.

You have the commitment. You have the assurance of not being abandoned and now you have the sex (yes, you should and regularly) that helps to minimize the faults and flaws that we all have because we are all human.

So if you’re single and getting your heart broken every time things don’t pan out with your latest flame, then yes, sex makes you stupid. But if you’re married and it minimizes your faults, sex holds you together. Don’t believe me? Just try having an argument with your spouse – both of you naked.

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