Everything and Nothing

by Sharon Leukert

Opening a gift means a lot more when the giver watches you with excitement. They know what they got for you and are just as excited to see you open it as you are to discover the treasure inside. Contrast this with a gift flung across a table by a disinterested giver. Truthfully the only reason you got the gift was because of some sense of obligation. They don’t even watch you open the gift, already moving on to their next project, glad to get their annoying little “duty” out of the way.

Which gift do you want to open?

What if marriage, and all it entails is a gift? Are you merely fulfilling a duty, or are you active and excited in your marriage? Do you fling obligations across the table to your spouse or are you able to share everything with them – without any hesitation?

Either way, you still get the gift, right? But one you enjoy a whole lot more! That’s an Unashamed Marriage! Where spouses are safe to share everything with each other and fear nothing from each other. Total trust. Total companionship. Total mental, spiritual and physical connection – with nothing to be ashamed of.

Welcome to the journey toward an Unashamed Marriage.

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