Affectionately Yours

by Sharon Leukert

I’ve got an insider’s tip for you: someone has been going around selling a faulty idea. When they come your way – RUN! The idea that is destined to bring misery and failure into your marriage? The lie that affection stops after you say I Do, or at least after the honeymoon is over.

Remember when you were dating your spouse and just a slight grazing of the hands made you tingle? What about the first time he put his arm around you publicly so everyone knew you were “a couple?” Remember the first time she wanted to hold your hand. That affection helped to fuel your relationship. Guess what? It still does!

Now we know that some folks are a little more reserved than others. If you’re the more private type, fine, but make sure you are showing affection in the home at least. Make sure you have to brush past his arm as you reach for the canister on top of the fridge. Make sure you reach for her dangling fingers at times, and go for one of those delightful strolls hand in hand. Say the words you know your spouse wants to hear. Go all out in your efforts to get that full smile that attracted you years before.

Keep affection in your marriage and keep the flames fanned!

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